Flávio Gomes da Silva Lisboa (FGSL)

Flávio Gomes da Silva Lisboa (FGSL) has several faces. He is bachelor in Computer Science, specialist in Object Oriented Programming and Java Technology, Ph.D. and Master in Science Technology and Society (STS). He has experience in software development with emphasis for free and open source software. He is interested mainly in software architecture, area where he has experience in working with reuse, patterns, and frameworks. But there are more about FGSL.

The Development Analyst

FGSL works currently as development analyst in Federal Data Processing Service (Serpro), the biggest information technology state-owned company of Latin America. In Serpro, he has worked at:

  • Superintendence of Data Center Products and Services, with software development to support PaaS and Infrastructure of Code for migration of strategic systems;
  • Superintendence of Development Solutions, with application security services support, location services support and behavior driven development, and specialized PHP development support;
  • Strategic Coordination of Government Actions, with development of groupware. In this coordination he was head of the solution adequacy and mobility sector and architect of the ExpressoV3 and he also worked with specialized PHP support;
  • Strategic Technology Coordination, with specialized consulting and training. In this coordination he also worked as coordinator of the Serpro Free and Open Source Software Program. In addition, he also worked on reviewing the systems architecture for the President of the Republic and the Ministry of Justice.

Now he are working with integration of systems with API gateways.

The Professor

FGSL has worked as professor in the following universities and colleges:

  • UNICID: discipline of Patterns and Frameworks of PHP Internet Systems Development postgraduate course;
  • UNICESUMAR: discipline of Object Oriented Programming with PHP and Unit Tests of Web Application Development postgraduate course;
  • UniALFA: discipline of PHP Development Frameworks of Application Development for Internet and Mobile Devices postgraduate course;
  • ISULPAR: disciplines of Computer Science Fundamentals, Web Application Development I and II, Distributed Systems, Operating Systems, Database Administration I and II, Artificial Intelligence, System Analysis and Design, and Programming Language II.

Technical Writer

FGSL was a member of the official Zend Framework translation team and is the author of the following books:


Zend Framework: Desenvolvendo em PHP 5 orientado a objetos com MVC
Zend Framework: Componentes Poderosos para PHP – 1ª Edição
Criando Aplicações PHP com Zend e Dojo – 1ª Edição
Zend Framework: Componentes Poderosos para PHP – 2ª Edição
Criando Aplicações PHP com Zend e Dojo – 2ª Edição
Orquestrando aplicações PHP com Symfony
Do PHP ao Laminas: Domine as boas práticas
Programação Web avançada com PHP: Construindo software com componentes
Arquitetura de software distribuído: Boas práticas para um mundo de microsserviços

PHP certified developer and community member

FGSL is speaker in PHP Conference Brazil and has a permanent room with his name in this event, alongside great members of the PHP Brazil community, as Elton Minetto, Guilherme Blanco, Ricardo Coelho, Rafael Dohms and Er Galvão.

PHP Conference Brazil room’s names
Door of Flavio Lisboa room in one of the editions of PHP Conference Brazil

I have contributed to Tine 2.0 project between 2011 and 2016 and to Nextcloud project between 2016 and 2019.

FLOSS and Digital Inclusion Researcher

FGSL has studied FLOSS production in Brazilian state-owned enterprises. Currently, he has studied young apprentices training in a Information Technology in a state-owned enterprise. His research interests are: teaching programming; Computational Thinking; history of computing and automation; digital inclusion; free and open source projects and communities; social, human and economic aspects of the software; information technology collective enterprises; relationship between information technologies and labour; Critical Theory of Technology; influences from science fiction for technology; Industry 4.0; Society 5.0.


Do you want to know more? Read the complete FGLS curriculum vitae.

Fictional Author

Imagine a world where only one man thinks… It is THE ONE world.


But there is someone who likes to think himself…