Career Moments

Etec de Embu das Artes (2019)

FGSL and teacher Marcos Costa

Free Software Forum in Curitiba, PR (2018)

Jon “Maddog” Hall and FGSL

PHP Weekend 2018 – Maringá, PR

Er Galvão, Pedro Mázala, Eduardo Bona, Anderson “Burnes”, Fernando Santos, FGSL, André Noel and Matheus Gontijo

PHP Conference Brazil 2017

FGSL, Elton Minetto, Er Galvão and Ari Stopassola

Brazilian Symposium on Science, Technology and Society (ESOCITE) – 2017

Professor Ricardo Neder (UnB), Professor Marilene Beatriz (UTFPR), FGSL and his fellow in UTFPR, Lourença Ribeiro

PHP Conference Brazil 2016

FGSL and Er Galvão holding a book about Symfony framework by FGSL

PHP Conference Brazil 2014

FGSL and André Cardoso, one of the authors of “Test-Driven Development: Teste e Design no Mundo Real com PHP”

Web Development Postgraduate Course in UNICESUMAR (2014)

Eduardo Bona, FGSL, Gui Seek and Daniel Chiaramonte with copies of book “Zend Framework: Componentes Poderosos para PHP”, second edition.

Lars Kneschke, Tine 2.0 developer, in Porto Alegre (2014)

FGSL and Lars Kneschke in Porto Alegre

With SERPRO fellows in the International Free Software Forum (2014)

Cassiano Dal Pizzol, Lavoisier Vieira, Rodrigo, Mario Kolling, FGSL and Lucas Santos

Presenting Expresso groupware in the International Free Software Forum (2014)

FGSL presenting the Addressbook module

Free Software Forum in Curitiba (2013)

FGSL at right, speaking in the event opening

First meeting Expresso / Tine 2.0 communities, Hamburg (2013)

FGSL (second from right to left) in Metaways headquarter

PHP Seminar in Porto Alegre (2013)

FGSL talking about traits in object-oriented programming

International Congress Free Software and Electronic Government (CONSEGI) – 2013

Antonio Tiboni, Ana Amorim, Demoiselle replica builders and FGSL, in Brasilia

Unauthorized biography of Rom Spaceknight in three volumes (2012)

FGSL with three volumes of the most extensive research about Rom Spaceknight

PHP Conference Brazil 2012

Paul Jones and FGSL, in the PHP Conference Brazil 2012

PHP Conference 2011

Pablo Dall’Oglio, brazilian reference about object-oriented PHP, and FGSL

Latinoware 2011

Ramus Lerdorf, PHP creator, and FGSL

Brazilian PHP Congress (CONAPHP) – 2008